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Specialist in Chronic Pain


massage it forward

I came from a background of massage being for relaxation.  My mum, a fellow massage therapist, changed my viewpoint and inspired me with her own work and experiences of helping her clients with chronic pain. When I pivoted my career to focus strictly on massage, my aim was to to follow in her footsteps and to become an unparalleled expert in the arena of injury and pain management.

 #MassageItForward for Teresa with the British Heart Foundation memorial fund.


l6 BTEC Professional Degree

Upon recommendation, I chose the renowned Jing Institute of Massage and Complementary Medicine School in Brighton. They have pioneered the first BTEC Level 6 Professional Diploma, a degree level qualification in Clinical and Sports Massage.


They are the only school in the UK to offer this milestone achievement in the field of massage therapy and have authored the book, 'Massage Fusion The Jing Method™ for the treatment of chronic pain'. 


Chronic Pain AND MEntal HEALTH

Chronic pain is long-lasting pain or discomfort that sticks around way longer than it should. It can come  and go or stick around non-stop.  It can come with chronic health issues like arthritis.

When chronic pain starts getting in the way of your work, staying active, or simply enjoying life, it's definitely time to consider some management strategies.

My focus is helping you manage your mental health and chronic pain.


"The Jing Method can help to treat both chronic pain related problems  and help with complex systemic pain conditions."


The Jing Method™ and Musculoskeletal Pain-Care

The Jing Method™ approach to treatment is evidence based. Recent published research on  chronic pain points to it being a biopsychosocial phenomenon, taking in more about the client as a whole. The Biopsychosocial model of pain looks at the body, the mind and the spirit. When we move away from pain only being about damage to the tissues, we can gather more information for the bigger picture. The Jing Method™ takes a holistic approach and connects chronic pain to other significant factors in life. The treatment likewise has a unique mix of Eastern and Western bodywork techniques including but not limited to: myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, structural rebalancing, acupressure, trigger point therapy, and stretching. 

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