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"What type of massage is right for me?"

Simple answer? Yes.


The right type of massage for you is a tailored massage to both you as an individual but also to you on the day of your session. 

No 'one size fits all' or 'cookie cutter' massage services.

I want to be offer the best for my clients. Knowing that the massage therapy industry is not regulated like it is in other countries, I chose the only school in all of the UK that offers the highest level of qualification.  

What does that mean?  After going back to school to get qualified as a massage therapist in the UK, I went on to do another three years of study, conducted a 12-week research study, wrote a dissertation and presentented to an online research conference to be able to get my L6 BTEC, ACMT qualification.


Want to know more about my qualifications, years of experience, the school I attended, etc. please get in touch.  

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Pick the best service for you

At Knotsology I offer a flat fee based on the length of the treatment session. After the consultation I will individualise the session and techniques used based on your needs and goals. 

Looking for a certain 'type of massage'? Learn more.


New Client - 90 minute session

All first time appointments are

90-minutes, which include your thorough new client consultation and treatment in the session.

Perfect for returning clients after 9 months from last appointment or if your health & medical history has changed from previous session.



60 minute session

The essential session  at Knotsology. 

The 60-Minute session allows for both a focus on your treatment as well as a relaxing session to connect back to yourself.  

Want the Jing Method™ 'Fix in Six'  offer?


Consider the 6-Session Package for your value. 



most popular

90 minute session

The most popular appointment type at Knotsology, the 90-Minute session adds on an additional half hour of treatment. Perfect for helping to treat chronic pain and to live life better.


Leave the outside world behind, connect to healing, reset to feel more like yourself.​


more time, 'fix in six' and online sessions

Need more time?  Want to schedule your maintenance massage treatments and get savings? I  have formulated these options to make massage and yoga accessible to all .

Want to know more about our online sessions? Learn more.


120 minute session


6 Session Package



Treat yourself to the 120-minute session. Perfect for clients who:

  • want to add an additional area of focus.Ex. knee rehab for acute injury and chronic back pain.

  • want a full body hot stone treatment to melt away in luxury

  •  just like having more time on the table to relax and live better. 


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Value for booking regular monthly maintenance massage  or for the treatment of chronic pain. 

First session is 90 minutes to allow for a thorough assessment and a treatment length of 60 minutes for the five following sessions. 

Jing Method™ 'Fix in Six' offer:  a partnership between patient and practitioner where a six session treatment plan is designed to increase your mobility, agility, and joint range of motion (ROM), whilst focussing on decreasing your daily pain.


Have you ever wished you could fit more in between your massage sessions?  Not local but want to join our online community?


Hybrid sessions are now available, facilitating client growth and maintenance between in-person appointments.


Unable to visit Knotsology in Dunfermline? I offer the same high-quality in-person treatment tailored to your schedule, from the comfort of your home for clients globally.

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Live better.
empower your healing.
choose Knotsology.

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