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My Personal Journey with The Jing Method™

Updated: Apr 18

Recovery and Rehab with a Jing Therapist

Training & experience as a Musculoskeletal Pain-Care Specialist aside, I have my own personal involvement with the Jing Method™. After a broken arm in 2021, I was worried about my recovery in my thirties compared to previous broken bones in my youth. I coupled my professional knowledge for at home self-care with receiving clinical massage treatments from other Jing Method™ therapists.

We focused on mobility and strength building rehab exercises, comparable from what I received from my physio, and built upon it throughout the recovery phase. Was able to utilise taping for lymphatic draining and bruising recovery, Advanced Myofascial Release, and the use of thermotherapy & cryotherapy. With a strong positive outlook of recovery, I was able to move towards the most beneficial outcome. It has been a rewarding learning journey in the end when it comes to working with acute and chronic pain.

Not letting a broken arm stop our BTEC education. Pictured here with fellow BTEC student during an MFR treatment in Brighton, England

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