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Beyond the Table: Expanding the wellness plan

Beyond the Table: Explanding Your Wellness Plan

When hearing the term 'massage therapy', there is a prevailing misconception that our profession, as massage therapists, is solely about relaxation through gentle kneading and soothing music. However, in this article, my aim is to debunk that myth and shed light on the multifaceted approach to your wellness that goes beyond the conventional massage.

Looking specifically at massage in the UK, there is a vast array of different massage therapists with varying levels of education, qualifications, and the types of massage services they offer. As we delve deeper into the diverse techniques and therapies that complement massage therapy, it is worth revisiting a topic we explored in a previous post. In 'Massage Therapy is Not Regulated,' I examined the lack of regulation in the massage therapy industry, highlighting the differences between the UK and USA.

Knotsology and Massage Therapy is not Regulated?

By continuing to shed light on this important issue, my aim is to advocate for clients to gain a deeper understanding of the massage industry. If you are interested in learning more about why we should prioritize the safety, education and professionalism of massage therapy, I highly recommend giving it a read.

As a certified L6 BTEC, Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist and yoga teacher, my practice extends far beyond the confines of a massage table. It encompasses a holistic array of techniques and therapies aimed at enhancing overall health and well-being, as well as relieving symptoms of chronic pain, stress, anxiety and depression. In response to the challenges of the 2020 pandemic and lockdowns, I have expanded my services to include in-clinic, online and hybrid sessions. The goal is for clients who come to Knotsology seeking massage, to broaden their wellness plan and explore the many benefits of complementary holistic therapies.

symptom relief through Knotsology clinical massage and yoga therapy

Do you live with ongoing pain or seek relief from mental health symptoms such as:

  • stress

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • chronic pain

  • trouble sleeping

  • muscle tightness

  • restriction in movement

When we look beyond the massage table and expand our wellness plan, it is essential to consider the collaborative relationship between therapist and client, as well as the goals we aim to achieve through massage and yoga therapy.

Chronic pain, defined as persistent pain lasting beyond the usual recovery period, can significantly impact individuals' lives, according to Hopkins Medicine (2023). Often intertwined with mental health issues, chronic pain may hinder one's ability to work or engage in physical and social activities, making relief from symptoms essential for maintaining a fulfilling life

Knotsology has yoga therapy for clients empowerment of wellness and healing

One of the key components of Knotsology is stretching, whether in a massage therapy session, in teaching self-care to clients or in yoga therapy . These stretching sessions are not merely about elongating muscles but are tailored to each client's unique needs, focusing on improving range of movement and flexibility. For example, when stretching the muscles treated in a massage therapy appointment, it furthers the treatment for chronic pain and stress related conditions to gain better results quicker.

By incorporating dynamic stretching techniques, I work with clients to address tightness and mobility restrictions, promoting better functional movement patterns and reducing the risk of injuries. Being able to add yoga therapy to Knotsology's offerings is another way to make stretching fun and accessible to clients. If prescribing stretching sequences doesn't appeal to certain clients, using yoga can be a way to reframe an individual's situation and feel empowered about their wellness and healing (Cartwright and Doronda, 2023).

But it doesn't stop there. Meditation and breathwork sessions are also integral parts of what I offer at Knotsology. Beyond the physical benefits, such as improved breathing and enhanced performance, these practices are powerful tools for managing stress, anxiety and depression. By guiding clients through mindfulness exercises and breath awareness techniques, I empower them to cultivate inner calm. Building upon this skill will help clients in their resilience in the face of life's challenges.

prehab and rehab at knotsology

Moreover, the Knotsology approach extends to prehab and rehab sessions, which are designed to strengthen weakened areas, improve proprioception, and enhance overall body mobility. By focusing on preventive measures and targeted rehabilitation exercises, I help clients not only recover from injuries but also build a foundation for long-term musculoskeletal health.

Since every client that comes to Knotsology is different, whether in-person or online, I tailor each session both to the individual and to the current session. It is also important that I leave room to reevaluate and change the wellness and healing plan to fit the client's needs as the sessions progress. Using the Jing Method™, which emphasises teaching self-care as one of its core principles of HFMAST, the success of appointments is heavily depended on the client's '...willingness and ability to commit to prevention"(Quinn, 2020).

What sets my practice apart is the integration of these diverse modalities into a cohesive treatment plan. Whether it's combining massage therapy with yoga techniques or incorporating breathwork into a stretching session, each session is personalized to address the specific needs and goals of the individual.

Knotsology offers in-person and online sessions

If you are living with chronic pain or seeking to improve your mental health, know that there's more to massage therapy than meets the eye. By embracing a holistic approach that encompasses stretching, meditation and rehabilitation, you can embark on a journey toward greater well-being and healing.

The next time you book a session with a massage therapist, remember that it is not just about relaxation—it is about nurturing your body, mind, and spirit for lasting health and happiness. Live Better. Empower your Healing. Choose Knotsology.


Blog post written by Bonnie Rose Aherin, L6 BTEC, ACMT |

Bonnie Rose Aherin, L6 BTEC, ACMT

Bonnie Rose is an Advanced Clinical and Sports & Rehab Massage Therapist and yoga teacher located in Dunfermline, Scotland, UK. With Knotsology she works to help people with the management of their mental health and chronic pain both in clinic and in online sessions.


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